The summer has arrived, the shorts are on and everything is moving that bit slower. Today is set to be the hottest day of the year with weather reports claiming today's temperatures will rise to 30 in some parts of the country. We at Suburbia Online want you to make the most of a good day, and we have compiled a  list of 10 destinations in Suburbia to head when the weather is good.

'You are what you eat' is an all too familiar saying, but with the masses looking to slim down and opt for 'fat free', 'Low fat', and 'sugar free' the risk of consuming one of these top five cancer causing foods in your diet is increased. 

If you love a great glass of wine then you need to visit these trusted and tried places in Suburbia. There are a minefield of restaurants, bars and cafes in the city centre, that have great wine such as Bach16, Dublin Wine Rooms and countless top ten articles listing them all, but why venture far from home? There is nothing better than a glass of great wine to end a hard day's work, but why hang around the hustle and bustle of the city centre? Unwind and return to your Suburb, where you can stroll home after a delicious tipple. 

Buffets are a quick, easy and affordable way to lunch or brunch, but the downside is sometimes the food is under hot lamps for a little too long which can compromise taste and quality. On Sunday I ventured into Suburbia and the place I found in the leafy Suburb of Malahide  has to be the freshest and healthiest buffet ever!

Wednesday night last week saw the Jameson Cult Film Club return to Dublin’s Tivoli Theatre with a screening of the classic hit Rocky!

New survey results from Bord Bia reveal almost two thirds (66%) of people consider men to be the head BBQ chef of the household!

The Rio 2016 Olympics is almost upon us and at Milano we are celebrating with three exciting new menu specials and a fantastic social media promotion. Evoke memories of warm summer evenings dining outdoors with Milano's innovative summer dishes, inspired by Brazilian Barbecue available from the 12th July until mid-September.

What people say and what they mean are not always one and the same and even between English-speaking countries there are lots of little nuances.

If you love cider you’ll welcome this news from Bulmers, which is giving away hundreds of thousands of Bulmers Pint Bottles this summer.

ANDRÉ RIEU’S 2016 MAASTRICHT CONCERT – IN CINEMAS Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th July – One Weekend Only!  

Summer is in full swing, but for the one in five people who suffer from hayfever in Ireland1 it’s a time of puffy, red eyes, non-stop sneezing and plenty of tissues. Almost 90% of hayfever sufferers in Ireland are allergic to  grass pollen2, which can make it difficult to enjoy all that summer has to offer, especially now that the pollen count is high. But Boots Ireland is on hand to help  keep symptoms under control and ensure the next couple of months are nothing but a walk in the park!

Today a 260FT waterslide was constructed in Dublin City Centre on Winetavern Street (near Christchurch Cathedral). This two lane inflatable slide (5mt wide)  ran from the arch of the Cathedral down to the base of the hill and will gave listeners to 98fm the chance to travel through Christchurch like never before!

We might be known as a nation all too fond of drink and in recent years it couldn't be more true with the emergence of coffee culture.  There have never been as many coffee shops, cafes and houses in Ireland, and new ones seem to open every week. We are spoilt for choice. 

Fancy a nice cuppa white wine ice tea? 

We've all seen the television advert conveying coffee farming as an alternative route instead of recruiting into the rampant gang culture in Honduras...

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