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Food & Wine Reviews (8)

Charlotte Quay was news to me and I don't only walk by every day, but I sit in a cafe facing the quay in the more popular side of Grand Canal- for now...

Buffets are a quick, easy and affordable way to lunch or brunch, but the downside is sometimes the food is under hot lamps for a little too long which can compromise taste and quality. On Sunday I ventured into Suburbia and the place I found in the leafy Suburb of Malahide  has to be the freshest and healthiest buffet ever!

Mini Review of  lovely little gem in Glorious Galway. Rouge restaurant...

Well known media haunt, Bafles, formally known as Cafe Novo is a favourite among Dubliners and tourists alike.

Ethos is ideal for the health conscious professional, and suitably located among the sea of suits that work on Baggot street Monday through Friday. 


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