70 Actors Who We Didn't Know Could Sing!

 Watch and listen to 70 actors who we didn't know could sing a tune. Scroll down to watch youtube video...

Dogs left in hot car in Dublin's Suburbia #Fatal

According to a new Campaign by SKODA and Dogs Trust Ireland, 'Under 20 minutes in a hot car can prove fatal to a dog'

Being Lazy is a Sign of High Intelligence? Study Finds

Are you fond of the sofa? Would you consider yourself lazy? Well you might be lazy, but that apparently means you are brainier than your more active counterparts, according to a new study.

The Movie Song - one to buy on iTunes

Do you remember The Movie Song from the Eurovision? Written by Karl Broderick and performed by Eoghan Quigg- the lad from the X-Factor? 

Autumn/Winter 2016 Women's Wear & Accessories launched at Stylish City Pad #LidlFashion

Today, September 21st 2016, popular discount store Lidl launched their Autumn/ Winter fashion and accessories collection at a stylish pad in Dublin's city centre.

12 Ways to Keep up with The Joneses in Dublin's Suburbia

Ireland is the birthplace for playful begrudgery and catholic guilt. We have all grown up hearing sayings like, " Would you look at the cut of that one; she'd ate herself if given half the chance" or " Don't be so vein"  but then came the Celtic Tiger and things began to change a little. 

Beauty Alert! How to get a whiter and brighter smile in 4 simple steps

Just like the step-routines you've always had for your hair and make-up, your beauty step-routine for your smile should be tailored to you too. 

The 5 Best First Date ideas in Dublin's Suburbia

You have secured the date but now the panic sets in, as you have no idea what to do for a first date. Luckily we have a few suggestions to make it easy for you. Here are the 5 best first date ideas in Dublin's Suburbia:

Things to do in Dublin's Suburbia this long weekend #Suburbia

Do you have plans for the bank holiday weekend? If you are heading off have a ball, but if you are staying about Dublin why not enjoy a staycation? There are plenty of things to do in Dublin's Suburbia for the long weekend.

Want a free pizza tomorrow? #Foodie #Suburbia

To celebrate the grand opening of their new restaurant in Liffey Valley, Milano will give away a free pizza from 11:30am tomorrow to their first 100 customers. 

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