Dublin Lord Mayor and Son enjoy the Giant Water Slide in Dublin today #BigSlideHome

Today a 260FT waterslide was constructed in Dublin City Centre on Winetavern Street (near Christchurch Cathedral). This two lane inflatable slide (5mt wide)  ran from the arch of the Cathedral down to the base of the hill and will gave listeners to 98fm the chance to travel through Christchurch like never before!

10 Cosy Cafes to discover in Ireland's Suburbia

We might be known as a nation all too fond of drink and in recent years it couldn't be more true with the emergence of coffee culture.  There have never been as many coffee shops, cafes and houses in Ireland, and new ones seem to open every week. We are spoilt for choice. 

Coffee Vs Gangs is more than just a marketing campaign #CoffeeVsGangs

We've all seen the television advert conveying coffee farming as an alternative route instead of recruiting into the rampant gang culture in Honduras...

Mouth-Watering Sea bass fillets with Cabbage & Bacon #HomeRecipe

Aldi Pan Fried Sea bass fillets with creamed cabbage & bacon 

7 Reasons Why Cats Make Better Pets Than Dogs #InternationalCatDay

Granted most will be at odds with the headline, favouring man's best friend but... There is a reason that Cats have their own day #Internationalcatday

Actor Simon Delaney steps out for Irish Premiere of The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2

You Can Catch What From Using Public Toilets?

We are all faced with this dilemma at times. Out for a few scoops with the lads, or coffee with the girls. If it goes in, it's got to come out. We all know that the bathroom is not the most hygienic room in the house.

Something Special in Suburbia- Restaurant 104 in Drumcondra #Dublin #Foodie

Family run, decent quality, lovely atmosphere and delicious chicken wings. 

5 Dainty Interior Shops in Dublin's Suburbia

 Even if you're not planning to refurbish, we know it's almost impossible to walk past an interior shop. All those gorgeous little staple items and beautiful trinkets that make a room. We came across these three and knew we had to share...

What do you do to unwind after a stressful day?

After  'one of those days' what is it that you do to get back on track? What is your great escape? 

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