Thinking of running? Here's all you need to know

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It's available to everyone. It's free. It doesn't require any props, or membership. Just open your door and off you go! Here's all you need to know if you are thinking of running...


There are countless, obvious benefits to running. From weight loss to toning but to a novice, or the really unfit, it can be daunting. You can do it anywhere though and if you can run fast, it is one of the best ways to burn calories. One of the big concerns that people can have is that running may damage their knees and can cause many injuries. Like any sport, or physical activity, there is definitely the potential, but in running seems to have an unwarranted bad rep.


With a decent pair of running shoes and a good technique you should be absolutely fine, once you pace yourself and increase intensity gradually. If you have never run before, start with a mixture of jogging for a few minutes followed by walking for a few.  This will build and before you know it, you will be entering the half marathon. If you are terribly unfit, you may need to stretch and warm up a little more first as you could be more prone to injury, but by moving at your own pace you to should be grand. If all else fails and you are simply too out-of-shape, one study claims that a glass of red wine a day is the equivalent to one hour in the gym. Now that's a place to start! Make sure to take a Doctor's advice if you have health issues. 


Some benefits of running

Did you know that running doesn't just have physical benefits? Apart from clearing your mind and giving you great mental space to think, running releases adrenaline and endorphins, and lowers cortisol levels and these are just some benefits of running. 

Getting started

To get the best out of running, you really should concentrate on mastering your technique. It can be too easy to hunch your shoulders and stiffen your neck, especially after a stressful day in work. Make a conscious effort to relax and lower those shoulders. When you are running try and land each stride between the heel and middle part of the foot before rolling on to the toes. Try breathing in correlation to your stride.  Let your arms swing naturally but don't over exaggerate moving them. 

Here's a good read to get more running tips before you get startedTips for running

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