Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Celebrates its 60th Birthday

Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital 60th birthday


Celebrating 60 years as a children's hospital, it was an eventful day at Our Lady's. There was a staff fancy-dress parade, the children were treated to a magic show, face painting, a disco and a huge birthday cake.

A lot has changed and improved over the years since the hospital first opened its doors. In 1957, there were 3,683 inpatients and 19,000 outpatients. Last year they treated 28,637 children as inpatient, and 114,225 outpatients. The average length of stay for a patient was 17 days in 1957, in comparison with just five days last year.

Our Lady's Of Crumlin is actually the largest pediatric hospital in Ireland and they care for children from all over the country.

Happy 60th Birthday!

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