Is Everybody Dying With The Flu? Here's Some Tips To Cope

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This year is particularly bad. Everybody seems to be suffering with a flu, or battling some sort of cold symptom.

January is a time when new year resolutions are in full swing and nobody needs to be trying to cope with aches and pains at the same time.  Here are some tips on what to do, and not to do to help you cope if you are dying with the flu.


1. Take it easy. Slow down. Don't kill yourself in the gym, just because it's your new year goal. Rest! Drink lots of water and hot water with lemon, or better yet, there are some tasty medicinal herbal teas?

2. Manuka Honey, if you can afford it works wonders. Regular honey will do the trick too.Take a spoonful from time-to-time to help you cope with a tickling cough. The sugar will give you a little lift too.

3. Have  tissues at the ready. The pesky virus wants to spread and tries to make you cough to infect others. Cover your mouth!  

4. A flu, or even a cold is viral and therefore, antibiotics will do nothing to help you. Don't insist on getting a prescription from your doctor. It will do no more than build a resistance which you won't be happy about when you actually need them and it will act only as a placebo!   

5. Head the pharmacy if you need. Although, a lot of research shows that a virus simply needs to run its course, but the pharmacist can sell you some over the counter medicines to relieve some of the symptoms.   


*Always consult a doctor before adhering to any advice

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