Being Lazy is a Sign of High Intelligence? Study Finds


Are you fond of the sofa? Would you consider yourself lazy? Well you might be lazy, but that apparently means you are brainier than your more active counterparts, according to a new study.

 The Journal of Health Psychology's study findings, were said to be  “highly significant” and “robust” in statistical terms. 


The study was carried out by the Florida Gulf Coast University and included a group of students taking a classic test that dates thirty years. The ‘need for cognition’ test questioned students, asking them to rate how strongly they agree with statements such as "I really enjoy a task that involves coming up with new solutions to problems", and "I only think as hard as I have to". 



Lead researcher Todd McElroy and his team then selected thirty ‘thinkers’ and thirty ‘non-thinkers’ from the students who took the test. 



Over the next week both groups wore a device on their wrist to allow researchers track their movements and activity levels.

The study revealed the thinking group were far less active during the seven days of monitoring than the non-thinkers. 

Interestingly the weekends showed no difference between the two groups,this is something that researchers have not been able to explain. 



Researchers suggested the study's results could mean, that non-thinkers get bored more easily, needing to partake in physical activity. 

The lead researcher Todd McElroy commented on the downside to being brainier – and lazier – was the negative impact of a sedentary lifestyle. 

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