Transform your living space with these five Feng Shui tips

Transform your living space with these 3 Feng Shui tips 

 A clear mind is not always possible, but a clean room can really help. Try to transform your living space with these top five Feng Shui tips. 


1. fix those annoying but not essential problems around the house

You might not think it, but that dripping tap, or squeaking door might not cause you too much concern but these little nagging problems can really affect your mood and well-being. Get the tool box out and sort that tap, door, or little job to promote a better living standard and positive energy. 


2. Water means wealth in Feng Shui

Apparently the best place to place a water feature, such as a fountain in your home is by the entrance door and the most important aspect is that the water flows towards the center of your house. This should allow the wealth to pour into your life. 


3. A Bouquet of Wheat

In France, wheat is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. CoCo Chanel and others used it as a Talisman to attract and keep wealth and success. 

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