Homeowners in Suburbia Urged to House Students #Dublin

Average rental price Dublin May 2016 Average rental price Dublin May 2016 Daft.ie

The accommodation crisis in Dublin continues to worsen as homeowners in the suburbia are urged to house students.

It is no secret to anybody renting in the Dublin, or trying to rent, that there is a crisis. Some measures have been taken to ease the pressure of rising rents, but the rent freeze introduced nearly two years ago is almost complete and the housing  crisis is still at large.


The demand out-weighs supply to such an extent that if you make an appointment to view a vacant property for rent, you will be joining a queue of people at any given viewing time. Worse still, half of them will have an envelope with a deposit, one, or sometimes even two months rent in cash and their references, passport for ID and any other possible paperwork needed to nab the property. 


It is cut-throat and the average price to rent, even a room in a house is over €700 per month. Have a look at the image from Daft.ie :


These factors make it even harder for students to find accommodation as campus spots fill up very quickly. Another big problem facing students digs is the increase in homeowners using AirBnB as it is usually far more profitable. 


Speaking to one of our favourite Dublin newspapers, The Herald Jack Leahy , deputy president of the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) commented, 


"People have a different expectation for their accommodation now. In Dublin students are littered throughout the suburbs, so we are encouraging digs in the capital in particular"

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