Top 10 Girl Crushes- Do You Agree?

These ten ladies are my ultimate girl crushes- do you agree?


10. Ashley Graham

The plus-size model who is slowly but surely taking over the world and encouraging a new wave of body positivity, telling women everywhere that beauty doesn't stop at size 8. Ashley Graham commands the complete attention of every red carpet she steps onto and she recently played Joe Jonas' love interest in DNCE's Toothbrish music video, she's basically achieving every life goal we have.


9. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson has been around for a very long time but I don't think we ever knew how unstoppable she was until she appeared in a black leather catsuit in the Avengers movies, stealing the spotlight in every fight scene (even while she was pregnant). Basically she can look incredible, beat up  the bad guys and create a baby all at the same time. 



8. Halsey

Electropop singer-songwriter Halsey awakens something in each of us that we never knew was there. The heavily tattooed performer with her ever changing hair colour and devil may care attitude makes us all wish we had even a smidge of her balls, or her looks or her talent for that matter.


 7. Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez successfully stole our hearts as the hapless and loveable Jane The Virgin. She is the ultimate girl crush because she promotes an idea of beauty that refuses to conform to any beauty standards but her own, and she's hilarious.


6. Blake Lively


You might have loved or hated Gossip Girl's Serena Van der Woodsen but you can't deny the perfection that is Blake Lively, beautiful blonde locks, golden skin, blue eyes and a friendly smile I mean somewhere, someone forgot the concept of sharing the wealth.


5. Kerry Washington

She exploded onto the pop culture scene as Scandal's all-powerful Olivia Pope. No matter what character Kerry Washington plays she is flawless. Her wardrobe in Scandal is pure business chic, not only is she beautiful she is empowering. I would want Kerry Washington to give me a pep talk, then i'd want her to give me her clothes.


4. Alyssa Milano

Any nineties kid will remember the constant presence of Charmed being played on one channel or another. Alyssa Milano aka Pheobe aka the best one stole all our preteen hearts with confidence and fun-loving attitude. She showed us tattoos could be feminine, low cut tops could be classy and ageing gracefully could be possible.


3. Jennifer Aniston (Feature image)

Let's be honest, she was everyone's favourite Friend and to keep the honesty going, she always looks on point. I don't know how she does it but whatever it is it works, I'm pretty sure when she's 60 she'll still pass for 35.


2. Margot Robbie

Literally every film Margot Robbie is in proves even more how bad-ass she is. Whether playing a crazy comic book villain in hotpants or Tarzan's loving Jane Margot Robbie always acts and looks like the goddess she is, effortlessly bringing us all to her knees.


1. Marilyn Monroe

Well there's no getting around it. The original girl crush and the biggest sex symbol of all time still holds her title. No-one can beat Marilyn at her own game 

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