How to plan your family budget in 3 easy steps- January 2017

First thing's first- you need to know where your money is going!

January has arrived and it won't be long before the credit card statements, yearly renewals and usually monthly bills come flying through the letter box. If ever there was a time to get into gear and organise your finances, it is now.

Go through your statements and bills, then make a list of all your outgoings. You need to know what you are spending. Here are 3 quick tips to help you out.   

1. Easy Trimmings. Once you are aware of what you are spending- immediately look at what you could easily do without and simply cut it out. You will be surprised what this simple step will save. Your take away coffee on the way to work (€3-€4 daily) is a whopping €60 or more a month. 

2.Bills!  Go through each of your service providers, television, internet, gas, electricity, phone, mortgage and shopping retailer. These are all extremely competitive markets and it's relatively easy to jump from one to another. You could save a fortune. 

3. Save! If you have it, you will spend it. Even if things are tight, save something from every wage packet, even if it's less than one percent. It all adds up at the end of the year, making it easier the following year to budget, knowing you have a little seed capital. 

4. Breathe We all worry, but the worst rarely happens...


Good luck!


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