Oz Clarke talks Wine


Well known wine enthusiast  Oz Clarke is no stranger to adventure. This is especially true when in pursuit of great food and wine.


From trekking across the States to rummaging through supermarket shelves for best buys, his appetite for fine food and wine has taken him all over the world. It is this insatiable quest for great wine that set Oz on his latest adventure to discover the best wines at sea. On-board the Celebrity Cruise liner Oz is set to share his passion and expertise on both New World and Old World wines, these sailings will include a fresh selection of packages spanning food and wine pairings, wine master-classes, exclusive dining experiences and tasting tours to sample local delights.



Oz commented:


 “I always lived by the sea and I love the sea, but I have never been on a cruise.  I always thought about going on a cruise and I asked to see their wine list. I chose Celebrity Cruises quite simply because of their enormous, great wine list. They really carry exceptional wines.”


Chatting about his favourite wines at sea he continued:


“Vin De Constance is a superb, incredibly rare wine and Napoleons favourite, as it happens. He is said to have drunk a gallon of it a day, so it must go down well. Another great wine on-board would be Smith Haute Lafitte, which is a famous white wine from Bordeaux. One of the problems is that, there are too many fantastic wines to choose from.”


What can guests expect on board the Celebrity Cruise Ship?


“I get a tremendous kick out of going down to the dock and seeing this great ship, then getting on to it. Once on board I’m at it 24 hours a day. We start relatively early around 10 or 11am, more likely by 11am you will find me doing a tasting.”


Guests can expect a mixture of wine tastings and food pairings, meals and master classes on everything to do with wine, there will also be tastings of wines from the specific regions that we visit. We will visit some of the best vineyards throughout France, Spain and Portugal during the grape harvest.


When asked if it is necessary that one  be a Connoisseur to enjoy a wine cruise? Oz commented: 


“Absolutely not, although we can handle connoisseurs; the cruise is for everybody. It’s to make friends with people.”


Oz says that in times past there were issues regarding class when it came down to whom wine was suitable but now days the UK and Ireland have a thriving wine-drinking culture and wine is for everybody.

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