How To Make Prosecco Ice-Pops At Home in Suburbia #Dublin

Homemade Prosecco Pops Homemade Prosecco Pops Amy Coyle

It is crazy hot and humid today and this video has been doing the rounds on social media, showing us how to keep it cool by making our very own Prosecco Ice Pops at home in Suburbia...


The recipe brought to our attention by Notes in Wine's, Edward Smith, who has his first book about wine out in Ireland later in the year is rather simple :

What you need is:

  • Prosecco
  • Strawberries
  • Strawberries /sugar syrup (optional
  • Ice-pop moulds
  • Blender preferably, but you can mash and mix the strawberries to a pulp other ways
  • freezer

For more details and to see how it's done, take a look at the video in the top right of the screen  (Desktop), or bottom of this post. 


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