Balfes at the Westbury, perfect meeting cafe!

Well known media haunt, Bafles, formally known as Cafe Novo is a favourite among Dubliners and tourists alike.

Mini review:

You will be sure to spot someone off the telly, or a rugby star in Balfes at any given time. This suave cafe-restaurant is the perfect location for quick bites and meetings. It has five star service and free wifi. 

They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and have a fully stocked bar. 

If you like wine, then we recommend their Cabernet Sauvignon, Armador. It is full-bodied and tastes of dark berries- simply delicious. The Bodybyrne wrap, although healthy is particularly fulfilling and satisfying- served with Hummus and mixed leaf side salad, it goes down a lunch treat. 

Coffee and pastries are quite good too but tend to run out the closer to the evening you arrive, as they are prepared fresh daily. 


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