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Family run, decent quality, lovely atmosphere and delicious chicken wings. 

There is no shortage of little cafes and restaurants in Dublin's Suburb of Drumcondra and from the outside, restaurant 104 fits in with all the others, but on the inside...


Coming from the city centre you do pass quite a number of cosy cafes that might tempt you on route, as I spotted a few that I will definitely check out at a later stage, but venture a little further into Suburbia and opposite the Skylon Hotel you will find restaurant 104.



I probably wouldn't have found this place as soon if it hadn't been for a friend who gifted a voucher- thank you Mary Kate I really enjoyed the lovely atmosphere, the delicious chicken wings, and of course, the wine!


I started with a glass of Prosecco frizzante, fresh and fruity on the nose, peach and apple, then dry and easy on the palette- a suitable crowd pleaser. 


It was midday after lunch when I dropped in and there were a few tables but lunch rush was over. The service was perfect. I would recommend this time to visit, if you have a day off, but I a friend goes regularly in the evening and maintains that is the best time.( She gets their special: Bottle of Prosecco for €19 and cheeseboard for €10) There were two waiters who tended to me during my visit- they were both very friendly and accommodating. Quality of staff is most important, some would argue, more important than food quality, thankfully, this restaurant has both. 


Once I ordered the food arrived promptly, but not too quick to raise suspicion as to freshness, or quality. The chicken wings above came with a homemade, blue cheese dip (Feature image) I inhaled them. They were finger-licking satisfying.





I had a side of sweet potato fries, again, good quality and cooked to perfection, not too floppy, not greasy- just right and the cherry on top was they stock Hellman's mayo and Ketchup. 




I sat outside to eat, under their canopy and enclosed area that kept the rain and most of the wind out. What was noticeable here is that the outside furniture is sturdy and more importantly the tables are big . They could have squashed two, or three more tables in to the space but instead considered their customer's comfort.


It was lovely to watch the world go by too. It's on a main road facing the Skylon and a building site and the views are nothing special, but it's a busy street, making it perfect for people watching which is a much enjoyed pass-time.


After a bite to eat, I ordered an Americano which was decent coffee I can happily report for all those coffee lovers out there.  



After my little coffee break, it was time for dessert. They had a decent menu, but I had already heard about their three cheese board, and so...


Cashel Blue is my favourite and what I like most about the board was that they served three decent slices of cheese and more notable with two dips, not the usual chutney. Although in most places, you can always ask for cranberry, honey, or jam. What can I say, I'm a saucy guy. 


To accompany my delightful little board of three cheeses I opted for one of their dessert wines, which in fact was a port to my pleasant Surprise- Tawny and tasty!


My overall experience left me feeling happy and satisfied and I will definitely return. There is something special about Restaurant 104 and the prices are very reasonable. Check out their menu and more here 

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